No housework today!

I should have started this blog during the winter, the weather has been so lovely here for a change, that I’m spending most of my time outside soaking up those elusive ray’s, well you’ve got to enjoy, and make the most it all you can if you live in England, good old British weather eh.

I was having a nose around a few blogs last night when I got home and I noticed some bloggers are using, an A-Z of posts, which I guess is a good idea, a sort of challenge thingy and as I have no idea yet of where my blog is going and don’t what it to be just a “What I did today” sort of thing, I thought I would give it a try. But before I make a start on “A” I have to shower, take my obligatory Sunday morning hour walk around the park, do a bit of house work no scrap that lol, it’ll still be here tomorrow, the nice weather may not.

Have a lovely day everyone.

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