Twittering on

Eiffel Tower & Siene River Boat

Image by Viking KARWUR via Flickr

I am now officially a twitterer 😉

I don’t know how much I’ll use it, but I’m up there with the rest of you, I also now have two Facebook’s, a personal one for family and friends and one for Corkscrewboo, who is, in my opinion the less boring lol.

On Thursday I went to the doc’s because I want to give up the “dirty, dirty ciggies” for my 101/1001, he’s started me off on patches and gum but I don’t think they’re going to work because the patches keep falling off, no really they do, I’ve tried them on my arm’s, bum and leg’s but they just won’t stick for longer than ten minutes, then they sort of cling on for dear life lmao………

Oh and don’t get me started on the gum, it’s so god damn awful that I’ve put it in the bin lol, (sorry doc) anyway I have to go back next Thursday, hopefully we can try something else “me and doc” well he’s dead fit lol.

By the way I have added Zemanta to my blog, the picture was a (recommended) now what is that about” do I mention Blackpool/Eifel tower, watches or huge lolly pops, NO! lmao.


I mentioned (arm) lmao. Oh please pass the tena’s.

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