I don’t think machines will ever be a threat to us, some might be quicker at doing certain tasks,

( but “ask” one to tie a shoe lace so it’s comfy and that’s a different matter lol)

it will never have a free will, conscience, or self-awareness, humans are capable of all three and as the old adage goes “behind every good man there is a better woman” and behind every machine is a human. Personally, I don’t think if we ever gain the technology to give a “mechanical” the choice, we would.

My opinion only

Machines are convenient, they make our life easier (or not) and that’s all.

Who is behind your phone, laptop, Playstation, Ipod, blackberry or anything new on the market, a human who is making billions out of “you”

My mobile phone cost me £12, not a lot, but it does its job, I also have a vacuum that I have to kick to work and a stove that has given up the ghost.

Am I happy “yes” I have a good old brush. 🙂

No machine will ever know “how to make do”

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