A short letter to myself.

To be read again in one years time 😉

I hope that by the time we read this again we’ll have had a better year then the last few have been and I hope it gives us a bloody good laugh and not remind us of how things were.

Hey new Corkscrew,

It’s the 17th July 2011 and wouldn’t you know, the weather is crap again, cold, wet and windy, we’ve had a good day though, only five “dirty dirty ciggie’s” so we’re well on the way (I hope you didn’t let us down) and we’ve given up.

I hope seeing the babs off to Uni wasnt too hard for us either or the parachute jump, I bet that 101/1001 list still isn’t finished is it lol, oh and tell that gorgeous fella sitting next to you (Ooh where did we find him lol) to give you the biggest hug he has, from old Corkscrew x

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