Harry Potter?

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8 responses to “Harry Potter?

  • totsymae1011

    Well, you and I are in the same club. I’ve not read a Harry Potter book or seen a movie. That genre just never appealed to me. I did, some years ago, buy one of the books for my son, but he wasn’t interested and I never bought another one. The thing is, I’m still not interested and every now and then, I’ll gain a passive interest when a boo or movie comes out but I never do anything about it.

    I’m in deliberation now.

  • Corkscrewboo

    I’m going to give the films ago this weekend, but if after 10 minutes of the first one, it doesn’t do anything for me then I will be back at my comp to tell you about it lmao

  • sinavratil

    I would highly recommend the books over the movies; not because I’m a snob and say the books are way better, but rather, there are a lot of details that matter by the end of the series that get lost in the movies. The first three books are really quick reads. After that, assuming you are least somewhat normal, you will be hooked and read the rest. 🙂

  • Corkscrewboo

    Thanks, I will try and read the first one before the weekend, then at least I’ll have an idea of what’s to come 😉

  • sami116

    Books over movies, the movies were a bore while the books had me captivated for most of my childhood.

  • nickelbeck

    I suggest watching the movies first. Then when you read the books, you wont be as disappointed in the movies as I was.

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