Ever wondered?

What our world would be like, if it was a library “hush, no talking please” and men were in the  “for general purpose use only” section, only brought out when needed lol.

If it was, the menStral cycle would only be used to keep our bums in shape, Women and behold lol, when we got to a certain age, we would be able to, menO, pause for a bit, think about ourselves for a change, good or bad.

“I can see all my male readers getting their indignant heads on right now lol”

HRT would only be used verbally, as in “He’s Right Tasty, gonna delve into him later, give him a good read”

The Guynecologist would be the lad you pass on the way into college
(you know the one, he has that MILF look in his eye) lol

Mankind of hurts me to say this but, that dress looks bloody awful on ya girl

 this is going to take forever lmao

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