School days

Do you remember any of your teachers?

Who had the greatest influence on you at school? I only remember two with any affection and actually listened to.

The first was Miss Wright our art teacher she was wonderful and besides teaching us about art, she also taught us how to be good human beings.

Miss Wright rocked, she was one hip chick

She was lovely she had a way of getting the best out of us all, she was the one you could talk to about anything and she would always help if she could, pastoral care in schools in my day wasn’t a top priority, or if it was I never found it, it wasn’t like it is now, you went, you hopefully learnt something then you went home.

The second was Mrs Price-White, she was our very stern maths teacher, she scared everyone even the other teachers, she always wore grey tweed suits that smelt of moth balls and carried a cane, “oh how we hated that cane” I never felt it I’m glad to say. She was an “if I am taking the time to teach you, you are going to learn” type, she had the Queens legs too, you know the ones, a five-year olds stick drawing of a lady, triangle for the skirt and legs at each point and a twenty-mile gap in between 😉

Both teachers so different and at both ends of my rainbow, that I am proud to say I knew.

4 responses to “School days

  • 57andrew

    I remember many teachers but I hope few remember me. I suppose many will have passed on by now. Don Sparks, (English, Latin & rugby), Ian Porter (Maths) and Alan Wood (German) were my favourites. Don was a wonderful character – barked at us like a sergeant major but a heart of gold. 40 years ago but I can still recall his first ever words to the class: “Do you know how I found this class? THE NOISE!! Silence…… ” and we fell silent. I had a beer with him many years later in The Rose & Crown in Hereford. He died all too young. IP was a professional footie player in his dreams but suffered from QPR syndrome and was thus destined to ignominy. AWW was a sort of mentor to me and led me to read German at university. He made me want to learn. Those were the days. Maybe not the best days of my life but certainly a different approach to schooling from today, thank god.

  • Val

    My English teacher from when I was eleven to about thirteen – she had a lot to cope with in that school and she did very well, inspiring us.

    I did a post some while back about teachers, though not so much ones that inspired me as the bad ones!

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