This saddens my heart


Poundland and The Body Shop have banned their employees from wearing a Poppy this year, HOW DARE THEY!
A Poppy is not a sectarian flower, it is a symbol of remembrance, it is worn to show our gratitude for those brave men and women who have given their precious lives and those who are still laying their lives on the line for FREEDOM and not just our own, it is worn to show they are alway’s in our hearts and in our prayers.

There are a few sectors of our unique and diverse society that are offended by the wearing of a poppy and to them I say “if you don’t like it GO HOME!”

It offends me to see a young girl covering her beautiful hair or a woman wearing a yashmak, should they be banned in England too?

2 responses to “This saddens my heart

  • arosmannen

    That is the way of Islam, nothing but the quran is right, all else is wrong.

    “Tolerance And Apathy Are The Last Virtues Of A Dying Society”

    So sad and true!

  • Corkscrewboo

    I wasn’t getting a dig in at any religion in particular, I don’t do religion personally, I feel the cost is too high sometimes, each to their own I say and I would defend that right, not to the death “because I’m a coward” of anyone to believe in whatever they have to, but manners cost nothing.

    It’s not just women having to cover up that offends me, other things do as well, like washing up lol, if I came to your house and say you were washing up after dinner I would never dream of saying to you “stop that, it offends me” you probably would like me to but I wouldn’t because I have manners.

    Humanity I feel has not only lost the plot but it’s manners too.

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