About Corkscrewboo

I’ve been gently nudged into the world of blogging by my youngest daughter and friends mainly to keep me out of mischief, I’m not to far past my sell-by date, but I’m not a fresh as I was, I live in the *posh* part of Merseyside on the Wirral and I have a lot of time on my hands.

I chose my nickname and blog name because I’m partial to the odd glass or three of wine and I have suffered with anxiety and depression for a long time.

I chose this theme because it suits me, I’m Elegantly Grungy, like an old book, well-thumbed by life and worn at the edges.

I will update this later if that’s ok, when I can think of more to say.

4 responses to “About Corkscrewboo

  • Tilly Bud

    I’m from Edge Hill and lived in Wallasey for three years as a child!

    My son pushed me into blogging and I thank him for it every day. I don’t say this to everyone, but it’s more fun than chocolate 🙂

    • Corkscrewboo

      Wow small world I’m in Birkenhead, but I have family and friends and an X in Wallasey.

      My daughter got me on here because I’m alway’s forgetting things and writing bit’s and bobs down on paper lol, so she said I should put things down in one place and here I am 🙂


  • 57andrew

    I love the bio. Elegantly grungy sounds wonderful. Nice writing style too. Well done to youngest daughter + friends for pushing you into blogging.

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