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This saddens my heart


Poundland and The Body Shop have banned their employees from wearing a Poppy this year, HOW DARE THEY!
A Poppy is not a sectarian flower, it is a symbol of remembrance, it is worn to show our gratitude for those brave men and women who have given their precious lives and those who are still laying their lives on the line for FREEDOM and not just our own, it is worn to show they are alway’s in our hearts and in our prayers.

There are a few sectors of our unique and diverse society that are offended by the wearing of a poppy and to them I say “if you don’t like it GO HOME!”

It offends me to see a young girl covering her beautiful hair or a woman wearing a yashmak, should they be banned in England too?

A love affair with cars?

What is this thing men have for cars especially old cars or flash cars, it’s like a love affair without the sex, they seem to be besotted by them. I’m bringing this up because my Mr T is a “petrol head” as he calls it, I call it lunacy, he has two Jaguars and a Bently, one he drives and the others he is doing up and are under wraps in a barn in Wales, it’s costing him a fortune because they’re old and getting the parts he needs for them is difficult, but will he stop “not on your nellie” they’re his pride and joy and a life’s work.

We went to a vintage car and transport thing the weekend before last at Woodside in Birkenhead and I enjoyed it for the nostalgia and atmosphere it was great, there were hundreds of people there, all in anorak’s (joke) but you know what I mean and when a say people I mean men, all clicking away with their fancy cameras, I think there were no more than half a dozen women there from what I saw. There were lots of stalls all full of Dinky Cars in boxes, now come on whats that about and the prices of them, well don’t get me started on that one!

Here are a few pictures I took on my crappy old “vintage” camara.

Did you see what I did there I put a gallery up, how good am I?

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