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My blog… So there ya go………..

I think I know who you are ……………. this is my space, if you don’t like it  f** off ……………………………..

I trashed this post because I used words I wouldn’t normally use,  but I felt so angry and that is not me, I blog for me and it helps me get though things, if it’s boring well don’t come back, if you’re inadequate dont take it out on me.

I do apologise for the words and any offence caused.

It helps to cry and good to laugh

Some people can be so lovely, I met the “little lady” in town today and she asked how mum was because she hadnt seen us for a while in the cafe, when I told her she started to cry, which set me off, the pair of us stood hugging and crying for ages she wouldn’t let me go, this is for “the little lady” xxxx thanks for the hug x

I couldn’t tell her about Gray, the whole of Birkenhead would have been flooded lol


I will fill this in a bit more later as to who “the little lady” is

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