My 101/1001


This list is under construction and my take some time, pop back in about 10 years to see how it’s going.

I have done so much in my life you wouldn’t believe, so trying to find things to put on the list is hard

This is going to be a task in its self, trying to think of 101 things.

  1. Finish this bloody list off
  2. Get back to work
  3. Meet a rich man (so I can veto number 2)
  4. Fall in love again
  5. Stop smoking (appointment made at doc’s Thursday)
  6. Get more exercise
  7. Learn to drive again (lost confidence years ago after an accident)
  8. Sort my house out (it’s a tip)
  9. Adopt a grandma/grandpa this christmas (there are too many older people on their own)
  10. Meet Baz Todd (juice FM)
  11. Visit a Vineyard or two
  12. Learn a new Language
  13. Win the Lottery
  14. Have a manicure/pedicure
  15. Milk a cow (alway’s wanted to do that)
  16. Skydive (now you know that’s gonna happen) Being organised for next year, yes I will do it tandem, for Help The Hero’s, St John Hospice, Arrowe Park Prem Uinit
  17. Take a lava mud-bath in St Lucia
  18. Swim the length of a swimming pool
  19. Find the shoes I lost 17 years ago when I moved (I can only live in hope)
  20. Go back to college
  21. Go to the Opera
  22. Change my name by deed poll (to Regina Falangie)
  23. Finish the story I’m writing
  24. Get 1002 posts up
  25. Act out a pop song scenario (suggestions on a post card please)
  26. Have a holiday
  27. try 4 kinds of Sushi
  28. Must read/watch Harry Potter

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