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Antwacky……… No it’s not what you call your dad’s/mum’s sister, you know the one that has 20 cat’s and alway’s goes out in her slippers lol, it’s a word we use here for something old-fashioned, not cool, wouldn’t be seen dead in, I don’t know where it comes from or who first used it (maybe I should have looked it up) but younger people use it a lot, anyway we went to Chester the other day to have a look round the shops mostly the charity kind because “you tend to find a better class of little gem in Chester”  we were looking through the book shelf and over heard part’s of a conversation between a mum (35ish) and daughter (12ish),

Mum; how about this one luv (holding a blue and red dress up, that even I wouldn’t be seen dead in)

Daughter; Moooorm (one of those long drawn out mum’s that comes just before “can I have” or “you know you said” lol, you know the one’s I mean)

Mum; listen I aint got the money for a new ****ing dress this week, you know that

Daughter; oh mum, it’s a bit antwacky

Mum; it’ll be fine, wear a cardy

with dress bought they left the shop and we both said, that’s bloody terrible, poor kid, for one, she didn’t even get a choice, for two, she had to endure going to a charity shop with her mum, soooooooooo not cool!

I know my daughter at 12 hated going into town shopping with me or anyone older than 16 in case she met any of her mates, but you know what, when she did condescend to go with me and we saw her mates, they too were usually with their mum’s and god forbid we stopped to say hi, how’s thing’s, (mum’s that is) you could cut the awkward tension between them with a knife lol. Bless, haha!

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