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Birkenhead is the town I was dragged up in, (on the posh side of the Mersey) only joking, is a lovely place and yes it’s got its fair share of scallies’ but what town anywhere hasn’t, come on, but most are what I would call “honest scallies'” just trying to make a bob or two, the wannabe Delboy’s (Only fools and horses) this time next year we’ll be millionaire’s, he who dares wins and all that, the people here are full of spirit, love to have a laugh especially when things are hard (which is usually all the time lately)

Birkenhead Park Boathouse

Birkenhead Park Boathouse

We some lovely parks, Birkenhead Park, for instance, designed by Joseph Paxton, was a great inspiration to Frederick Law Olmsted who designed New York’s Central Park  was my playground when I was growing up, god we would spend whole day’s there and never get bored. It’s had a face lift over the past few years which was well needed, oh and there’s a big new cafe/walk-in centre there now which offers all sort’s of activities from walk’s around the park to fishing in the lakes and in my opinion a brilliant addition and well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.

Hamilton Square, Birkenhead

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We have Hamilton Square which is no longer a square by the way, it’s more sort of circular now since it too had a face lift and the Town Hall now has a museum incorporated into it. The gardens in which the epitaph stands are still beautiful though, especially in the summer when they are full of flowers.

I will add more later 🙂

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