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My perfect meal

The best meal I ever ate, was Christmas dinner when we lived and worked in Blackpool, we’d been there a week before we got work, I worked in the pub near where we lived (a grotty bed-sit) and Steve worked in a hotel further up the coast, it was christmas day and we both worked the dinner shift, we were absolutely skint and when I say skint, I mean we didn’t have a penny to our name and hadn’t eaten properly for three day’s, I felt really down, but still wore a smile, the pub closed and the boss gave us all a bottle of wine and a box of sweets and my tip’s of course, I was so made up, the feeling was unbelievable, I couldn’t describe it if I had the words (if you know what I mean)

I went back home (to grotty bed-sit) and waited for Steve to finish and come home, “Oh my god” when he did he had a big box just full of food, all cooked and ready to eat, duck, turkey, roasties, veg all wrapped in foil and two slices of cake and two bottles of wine wrapped in Christmas paper, oh the smell and the joy when we unwrapped it all, “two kids, first Christmas” lol (the hotel where he worked had so much left over that they shared it between the “staff on”) it was bloody marvelous. We had our Christmas dinner on the bed, laughing our heads off watching Dudley Moore being Arthur, so much so that Steve fell off the bed lmao. Good day’s.

Pink and bubbly

Picture the scene, It’s winter 1988 and we are in Blackpool on our way to a really nice B&B, this was going to be a “wonderfully romantic dirty mid-week” I could feel it in my water as they say and some “us” time away from everything. It was raining and bitterly cold when we got there but it looked so magical with the lights, sounds and smells that only Blackpool can deliver.

The B&B was lovely, clean, small and homely and all we could afford at the time, it was run by a wonderful couple Paul and Roberto, originally from Sorrento in Italy they had come for a holiday and loved the place so much that they sold up and moved here, Roberto took our bags and showed us to our room, it was very cosy and pink!!! There was pink everywhere, floor to ceiling pink lol, Steve and I had a right old giggle about it and wondered who had chosen the colour scheme Paul or Roberto “naughty I know” but you had to be there lol.

Before we unpacked we christened the bed “well you have to don’t you” it was an old bed, you know the ones, wooden head and kick board with lots of springs that dipped a bit in the middle and oh and my god did it squeak, we were there for four day’s so lovemaking was relegated to anywhere but the bed, but I’m getting off the plot “where do the bubbles come in?” I hear you ask, well although the B&B was small, the bathroom was quite large in comparison, it had a loo, shower, wash basin all the things you’d expect of a bathroom, what we didn’t expect was the jacuzzi, which was on a meter and you had to pay for, neither of us had ever seen a jacuzzi up close before, let alone been in one, we decided to leave the wonder that was the jacuzzi until later, so we showered, got ready and went for something to eat and a few drinks, we had a brilliant evening, but the best was yet to come.

On arriving back at the B&B, all loved up and quite tipsy we were greeted by Paul who was just off to bed, he asked if we would like tokens for the bathroom, Steve said yes, they were something like 50p for half an hour if I remember correctly, oh what joy and how romantic “NOT!” funny yes, I only went and added bubble bath didn’t I, there were bubbles everywhere, can you picture it? Steve and I stark naked, peeing ourselves with laughter, trying hard to keep quiet, we were pushing them out of the window, flushing them down the loo, rolling on them, it took about an hour for us to get rid of them that night, oh but it was so bloody funny

This is dedicated to my partner in crime Stephen who sadly has left this mortal plain (2007), but is alway’s in my thoughts and will be having a laugh and waiting for me where ever he is I’m sure xxxxxx

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