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Oh My………

It has been so long since my last blog, sorry, I really should get back into it and I will, I have been lurking in the background don’t you worry, but with nothing to say of any interest but now I have, wait for it……… you might want to sit down for this one. I have been seeing a lovely fella who is even more of an excentric than I am, if that’s possible, his name is Tony and he is an undertaker, now don’t laugh, he never smells of formaldehyde and is a total gentleman, not pushy if you know what I mean girls and it feels good.

What else has happened, well not a lot really, Gray’s results came back “inconclusive” you alway’s need an answer as to why, to make it final, but I guess it was just his time to sleep.

Oh I did see a house wearing it’s deckies the other day, far too early or what? It’s only October for god sake, I love Christmas but let’s keep it where it belongs “in December” the pumpkins are going to clash, mind you they may go unnoticed here in England, the harvest was small because of the weather, or so they say, I think they’re keeping all the good big ones for themselves, I could be wrong.

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