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“Penpals” now that’s a word you don’t hear very often these day’s, I used to have one when I was about eight or nine, the school I went to decided it would be good for us to correspond with children our own age in different parts of the world. My penpal was from Osaka in Japan, his name was Yoshito Tagowa and we wrote to each other for about four years until we both joined that wonderful world of teenageville, then the letters dwindled and we sort of lost touch. I do still wonder sometimes how he is doing.

What brought him to mind were the guy’s on the radio (Juice FM) they were talking about getting pen pals and when the airmail letter/envelope came to mind it made me giggle, it was a light, flimsy excuse for paper and envelope and blue, but it did the trick and saved on postage lol. Then I wondered with all the social sites out there, if people still have pen-friends they actually write to.

Have you ever had a penpal, do you still have one?

Do you still use pen and paper to get in touch with them?

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