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Well worth a look

A few day’s ago I was wandering around the WordPress forums, as you do, when I came a cross a post that really caught my eye and wanted to poke it out lol, it was in the Showcase part, the thread was called “Would you like to be mocked?” the author, Necrotichijinks, was looking for victims and being alway’s up for anything (legal) I put my blog forward and to fair I was glad I did, the post he did about Corkscrewboo was hilarious.

Here it is “ how to talk about sex without being attacked by feminists

If you get the chance and you’re feeling brave, head over there and put your blog forward 😉

Thanks Necrotichijinks


No one told me that if I stopped at the lights and took the next “turn off” I came to, I’d be diverted onto the free-way to immortality, love it and thank you WordPress, I’m enjoying my journey.

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